JavaScript Asynchronous Programming / Callback Functions / Promises / Async and Await

Review — Set Up A New App

Deeper Dive into Express — Middleware, Environments, Configuration, Environment Variables, Debugging, Templating Engines, Database Integration, Properly Restructuring Our Express Routes/Files

These Blog Posts are a Series of My Notes While Following Along: ‘Programming With Mosh’

Express Middleware

Code Snippet of Built In Middleware

Implementing Express Web Server & Building Endpoints, Nodemon for Automatic Server Updating, Postman to call/view HTTP Services, Joi for Data Validation

What is Express?

Install Express

Building an Express Web Server

What is Node? / Setting Up First Node Application: Building a Quick Node Web Server / Implementing package.json File

What is Node?

Ruby On Rails Association — Belongs To/ Has Many

  1. Create a new Rails application: rails new <app-name> -database=postgresql
  2. CD into your app and open it in your text editor
  3. In Terminal run: bundle install & rake db:create
  4. Create migrations from Users, Posts, Votes with terminal command: rails g resource <model_name> (((keep model name singular)))


Image from pch.vector

Ruby on Rails Backend / Server

User Authentication with JWT — JSON Web Tokens

JSON Web Tokens (JWT)… What are they and why do we use them?

Redux already makes it easier for us to access state in our React Components, Hooks takes it one step further.

Optimize performance by storing often-used data in memory and evicting data Least Recently Used

Data Structures: Stacks & Queues — from a Javascript perspective.

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Software Engineer. A new addict of ReactJS & Javascript, CSS & APIs, with a little dabbling in Ruby, Ruby On Rails…

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