Generics, Type Parameter Constraints, Dictionaries in TS, etc.

A Strongly Typed, Object Oriented, Compiled Language

Learning TypeScript Along with an Academind Tutorial

Moving Away From REST API’s to Get Data From an API to Your Application

Relationship Models

Validating Data in MongoDB

Great Article on Data Validation & Image credit: Sharjeel Ashraf

Building our Backend Database w/ MongoDB

JavaScript Asynchronous Programming / Callback Functions / Promises / Async and Await

Deeper Dive into Express — Middleware, Environments, Configuration, Environment Variables, Debugging, Templating Engines, Database Integration, Properly Restructuring Our Express Routes/Files

These Blog Posts are a Series of My Notes While Following Along: ‘Programming With Mosh’

Software Engineer. A new addict of ReactJS & Javascript, CSS & APIs, with a little dabbling in Ruby, Ruby On Rails…

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